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How to wear hair net and hair wigs ?

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How to wear hair net and hair wigs? 


People want to try a new hair style wigs, but they don't want to make curly or straight, cut it from long to short.The best way is to buy a hair wigs and will get a new look.

But many fashion ladies have long or thick hair and it is not easy to wear hair wigs.Therefore a hair wig cap (hair net) is helpful to wear the hair wigs. 

You can follow the below steps:

1. Slide hair wig cap (hair net)  around your neck softly. move the  hair wig cap (hair net)  to your hairline by lifting it up

2. Fold your hair into  hair wig cap (hair net)  then pull the net, string on the lower back side of the head.

3. Use hair pins to fix its postion and be sure that there is no hair out of the  hair wig cap (hair net)


4. Wear you hair wigs on the head and be sure the right position.

5. You also can use hair pins to fix its position on both side of ears.

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